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Paradise in Marbella

Paradise in Marbella

A safe haven born from a passion for people and experiences. Located on the paseo of Marbella, we invite you to take part in a slice of paradise where sunny days by the sea are an everyday luxury, and where vibrant sunset dinners lay the foundation for endless exciting & memorable evenings.

With genuinely tasty food made from fresh produce, and with a truly blissful atmosphere, they aim to satisfy you into a superior level of happiness & peace of mind.


Elevating a brand

When helping an established company with new branding it’s important not to lose the essence of the company. 

We believe that rebranding is good, but not at the cost of the companies history.



web design

Mobile-first website

A website is a key tool for sharing the events and parties we host as well as the joy we bring our clients. Since the majority of calls to action in other mediums will send readers to the site, it’s important that the site is not only useful but also clean and easy to navigate.

Mobile device usage is only increasing and already accounts for the majority of web traffic. This means it is paramount that the website experience is mobile-responsive whenever possible.

Color & Typography

Consistency in the design 

Besides the logo, the colors are the most recognizable aspect of a brand identity. The colors were selected to reflect the classy, modern, and relaxed attitude.

Appropriate use of colors is one of the easiest ways to make sure our creatives reflect a cohesive Athena image or visual story. 

It’s important to use the same font and typography in all-new designs to not break the cohesive image of the company. 

Main Color

PSC: 532C
CYMK: 87 / 73 / 56 / 68
RGB: 18 / 31 / 43
HEX: #121F2B

Second Color

PSC: 156C
CYMK:4 / 21 / 61 / 0
RGB: 243 / 200 / 121
HEX: #F3C879

Third Color

PSC: 465C
CYMK: 24 / 42 / 73 / 3
RGB: 190 / 146 / 90
HEX: #BE925A

Menu Design

The menu is one of the most important parts of any restaurant. 
It needs to have all the necessary information in order for the client to decide on what they want, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good. Using the corporate colors, we manage to keep the look in line with our other designs.

360° VR Tour.



Avenida de las Naciones s/n, Centro Comercial Cristamar Local “51-B”, CP 29660 Puerto Banús Marbella,


Ångpannegatan 2E, 417 05 Gothenburg, Sweden

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