Yacht Marbella.


3D Visualization & Modeling

3ds Max & Corona Renderer

March 2021

A boat of 38.8 meters in length and 8.1 meters in maximum beam, with 3 decks and a completely tailored internal layout, designed to offer maximum comfort in the different areas, all characterized by large dimensions, both in length and width and an indoor height of more than two meters.

Brief & idea.

An exclusive way to live full of peace and relaxation, take advantage of the destinations and the best views of each place.
The refined elegance of the yacht’s interior, giving it a modern style that immediately sends an elegant sense of home, reflecting the distribution of space through the roof, inspired by the shapes generated in the area by the movement of the wave. With a color play between black and white that reflects the depth. Going from the lower deck to the solarium, implement a highly detailed architecture and interior design.


Walnut and Fresno with dark and light tones are the predominant wood materials used in the interior, with an earthy color palette with striking brass details implemented in the cover and some elements.


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