Royal BC.


Web Development

WordPress & Elementor

Februari 2019

The Royal Business Center offers professional business brokerage services to both sellers and buyers. They also offer qualified financial services. They have a wide network of contacts among small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and suppliers. They also communicate your business through advertisements and other marketing measures so that you can find the best and fastest way to find the right one for your business.

Brief & idea.

The customer wanted a modern and new look for their new webpage, it was important to represent the brand in a professional manner. They need a page where they could sell their projects and businesses. They needed it to be easy to handle since they where gonna mange it on their own.


We helped Royal BC with their logo by retouching it a bit and adjusting its look. The website is now a modern stylish reflection och Royal BC class and professionalism. It’s a minimalistic design with a lot of functionality behind it.


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